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fayale coffee goat

Here at fayale, as homage to the history of coffee, we have re-enacted that historical moment when the Ethiopian goat herder, Kaladi, first discovered coffee. Yes, I agree we’ve taken some poetic licence but times are tough and, with no marketing budget, we had to get the boss's mum to stand in. After all, what are mothers for?  

So, that’s the goat, but what about the coffee? Yes, we use the freshest green beans sourced from around the globe; yes, we roast them to perfection; no, mum didn’t get paid; and yes, our coffee roasters have forearms like Popeye, but hey, what roaster doesn’t? 

Now, armed with the facts, all that’s left is for you to charge into your local café, pull out your soapbox, thrust your espresso cup into the air and yell at the top of your voice:

  "Don’t act the goat, stock fayale!